Zine Workshop🔮✨

I’ve been dreaming about this workshop for a while now and was completely star struck by the high schoolers today. Their ideas were beautiful, poignant, honest and funny and they worked FAST— in the time it took me to sketch out one page, they literally made entire zines.


One of the students said she wasn’t sure if she wanted her moleskine to be delicate or angsty, to which another student encouraged her that the two can coexist. Some of these girls didn’t know each other before today but they were incredibly open and kind to one another. Teenagers are POWERFUL and I have so much to learn from them.



Only girls signed up for this first workshop but already one boy said he’s coming to the second!


Also big thanks to Abi (my friend and old schoolmate!) and Jacob for sending us your zines! Jacob (a high school student) wrote a note to the Dunlap students on the inside— they were in love with the work and so inspired.


I plan to make a Teachable soon about zine history, how to make them, how to workshop them and bring them to your school👍🏼


I won’t post the finer details of the students’ work because it isn’t mine to share but trust me, you’ll be hearing from them soon✊🏼